Handmade leather collars an leashes

My name is Phillip and I am the designer and craftsman behind the Walk the Dog Store. I already run with my wife another store on Etsy called ''Philipposleather'''
(https://www.etsy.com/shop/Philipposleather ) full of handmade leather products. Dedicated to my love for the four legged friends and the passion for leather goods I decided to create a store for our beloved ones!

The inspiration for this was my dog Proxy and her pure love. Our best friends fulfil our lives and lead us to be better persons. That's why they deserve our love and care. In this store each collar and leash is handmade from leather, everything is made to order! All my products are made from scratch without the use of any machine or electricity but just my two hands!

I want to create every single collar or leash to fit the needs of each dog and it's owner using top quality leather and hardware. My aim is to make collars and leashes that are made to last a lifetime. I am so excited when people love my products and their pets enjoy them!

'"Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole!''

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